Take Action

Current Actions

Write of Call DES Assistant Direct Michael Fitzgerald 


TODAY, if possible!! 

Write or call Assistant Director Michael Fitzgerald

who is overseeing the plan, at least in this early stage.



(603) 271-6390


Help ensure this climate plan has measurable outcomes and a timetable, and honestly responds to the requests of NH residents.

*Franklin Pierce University, 40 University Drive, Rindge 10 a.m., Sept 20  https://www.nh.gov/council/meetings/index.htm

The United States (U.S.) Department of Energy (DOE) prepared this Environmental Assessment (EA) to analyze the potential environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic impacts of partially funding a proposed project to design, construct, and operate an amine-based post-combustion carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology at a coal-fired power plant.

Let the Governor's Executive Council Hear from You 

The Governor’s Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT), which is made up of the five Executive Councilors and the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT), has scheduled public hearings throughout the state, starting tomorrow in Salem and running through October (Link to the schedule) to talk about their Ten Year Plan

The Ten Year Plan includes infrastructure funding - for bridges, roads, rail trails, and airports. What this plan DOESN'T include is public transportation investment or electric vehicle infrastructure. With the climate crisis worsening, we need every facet of our state government to include climate action in their long term planning. 

We need your help to turn people out to the hearings to let the EC know what is missing in the current plan and what should be included! People should attend the hearing that is in their Executive Council district. We have also set up a letter-writing campaign HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

In solidarity,

Jennifer Dube - Climate Justice Organizer

350 New Hampshire


The idea for making mesh produce bags to give away for free came to Cindy Heath while she was working on gifts for friends and members of the New Hampshire Network's Plastics Working Group. Help the Mesh Bag Mamas reach their goal of making 1,000 beautiful organic cotton mesh produce bags for the Lebanon Co-op. Contact Cindy Heath cheath58@gmail.com .

Stand Up to Pollution in New Hampshire - September 13th Deadline!

Ask DES to reject the amended air permit that allows more pollution from the expansion at the Turnkey Landfill in Rochester. Tell DES why air pollution matters to you and pick any of the ideas in the linked document below for your comments.

Clear Directions for Writing to Oppose the Turnkey Air Permit

End War & Warming Rally - Friday, September 15 at 6:00 PM in Concord

A joint 350NH, NH Peace Action, NH Sierra Club and Peace with Justice Advocates NHCUCC and Granite State Organizing Project Rally in Support of The NYC March to End Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuels, militarism and war all threaten humanity directly and accelerate climate chaos. This is our chance, and Biden's opportunity, to break free from fossil fuels and build a just and safe future. On September 17, The March to End Fossil Fuels is being held to coincide with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' organization of a “Climate Ambition Summit.” Peace groups are joining in, understanding and highlighting the connections between climate, peace and justice issues: access to fossil fuels are a major reason for wars over the last century; the largest institutional polluter in the world is the US Pentagon; clean renewable energy and environmental justice for low-income and people of color communities are needed for a just world peace.

Join us in Concord on Friday, September 15, to speak out on this topic and cheer on those headed to NY for the march.  

Read more about the connections between climate and militarism here:
AND https://www.powershift.org/blog/climate-justice-movement-must-be-anti-war-notes-antiwar-organizers

Please bring signs with messages such as: End War & Warming! Invest in Peace & Planet! Support Life on Earth! Your general peace and environmental support signs will also work and we'll have extras to share.

NHPR wants to know what we want candidates to talk about.  

Let’s let them know we want to hear about climate change solutions!   

Please write NHPR and tell them you want to hear what each candidate thinks about the goal to reduce climate pollution from fossil fuels 50% by 2030, what they think about Carbon Fee and Dividend (bit.ly/ccb-resources), and what else they will do to address the problem if elected: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdoSGnepE958a9NqBVOEwHvVRcTlZAXBeeCVu96Y7ATzL4LPQ/viewform?pli=1

Urge Stronger Regulation of PFAS

From Cathy Corkery of NH Sierra Club 

Please urge stronger regulation of these cancer-causing chemicals.  

The slides below show areas overwhelmed by PFAS groundwater contamination.  Note: areas that appear unaffected were not tested!  (Those areas have town water, rather than wells, which were tested.)


The air permit for the plastic factory in Merrimack, NH needs a new air permit to regulate the forever chemicals emissions. Forever chemicals, like PFOA and PFAS, are linked to lethal illnesses, neurological growth and development, and debilitating conditions. The proposal before the NH Department of Environmental Services is too weak because it allows too much pollution to escape into the air. 

We are asking people to apply some public pressure with two actions. Call the Governor and write a letter to your paper to demand better for people, our communities and the state.

Make the call 

WHEN: August 1st between 9 A.M. and 12 P.M.

Dial 603-271-7676

What to say

Hi, My name is ____ and I live in _____. I am calling as your constituent to ask that the PFAS pollution be better regulated at the Saint Gobain Plastic factory. The permit is too weak. The state should require the permit to add proven technology to further remove the cancer-causing chemicals from the smokestacks. Forever Chemicals are too dangerous to emit into the Granite State. Thank you.


Letter Writing Sample

Dear Editor,

I have read about the dangers of Forever Chemicals to human health. Forever Chemicals are linked to numerous cancers, birth defects and debilitating conditions. I learned that these toxic chemicals, called Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), are added to household items, like winter jackets, carpeting and coated cooking pans, just to name a few. I have done my best to remove these types of items from my own home but I learned something new that demonstrates the enormity of the problem.

The Saint Gobain plastics factory in Merrimack, NH is asking for a new air permit without adding proven and accessible removal technology allowing them to emit the forever chemicals continuously. This is unacceptable. The PFAS emissions will travel far and wide in the air and dissipate across the state. The deposition is a real threat to public health because this factory has been emitting PFAS for decades but this is only the second time the state has regulated the PFAS.

The state will issue the final draft in the middle of August. The final permit should require Saint Gobain to contain all of the PFAS emissions and stop it from coating New Hampshire. To me PFAS is like lead and mercury – even small amounts are too much.


Letter Writing Tips

Be brief (Less than 200 words)

Stay focused on one issue; please, not two or three!

Write from the heart.

Don’t try to be funny – leave comedy to the professionals.

Be timely – reference recent news or articles


NH Department of Environmental Services PFAS webpages:
General PFAS Information:  https://www.pfas.des.nh.gov/
Link to Air Permit Proceedings: https://www.pfas.des.nh.gov/news-and-media/blog/draft-air-permit-available-public-comment
NH DES PFAS Map of groundwater testing: https://nhdes.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=66770bef141c43a98a445c54a17720e2&extent=-73.5743,42.5413,-69.6852,45.4489

Slide Presentation - July 2023

From Citizens' Climate Lobby: 5,000 messages to PROVE our love of CBAMs

“In a rare example of a bipartisan climate policy, momentum is growing on Capitol Hill for a plan to tax imports from China and other countries with looser environmental standards,” the Washington Post reported recently. The piece is describing the PROVE IT Act, a bill that lays important groundwork for the U.S. to eventually have a carbon border adjustment mechanism, or CBAM.

The PROVE IT Act currently has support from four Democratic senators, four Republican senators, and one Independent senator. Let’s build on that momentum! With persistent, respectful citizen lobbying we can encourage more senators to cosponsor the legislation, and we can build support for a House version of the bill to be introduced. All of that means it’s more likely to be passed, bringing us closer to major climate policy that drives down carbon emissions around the globe.

We’ve set a goal of 5,000 messages to Congress about the PROVE IT Act. The action launched yesterday, and so far CCLers have sent 3,809 messages. If you haven’t sent yours yet, hop to it! Our online action tool makes it easy to look up your representative and senators and send them a customizable message.

TH!RD ACT Power Up Communities Campaign Launched

TH!RD ACT Power Up Communities Campaign officially launched in June with a public teach-in, which featured author Dr. Leah Stokes, Senior Policy Counsel at Rewiring America, as well as Third Act Founder, Bill McKibben and Campaign Strategist, Jeremy Friedman. If you couldn't be there, or if want to share with friends, the recording is here


How to Transform Public Utility Commissions 

Write a Letter to the Editor urging PUCs to shift to clean energy
Join a TA Working Group

Learn More and Take Action!

Note: The photo on the linked page was taken by NH Network's Dr. Reinmar Seidler and NH Network is listed as one of this group's goals for collaboration.

Action from the Union of Concerned Scientists

On-Going Actions - Actions that can be done anytime (right now is a good time!)

Carbon Cash-Back Actions!

Read Roger Stephenson's Piece for the Union of Concerned Scientists: For Global Climate Success New England Must Seize Climate and Clean Energy Opportunities, Nov. 21, 2022 

Action: Tell Governor Sununu to include a specific call to action on climate resilience in his 2023 inaugural address.

Action: Tell our legislators they must fund state initiatives and programs that "reduce heat trapping emissions" to help slow the pace of climate change and make sure New Hampshire is resilient, that is, prepared to deal with the damaging effects of climate change. 

President Biden: Declare a Climate Emergency!

From 350NH

Write to President Biden and ask him to declare a Climate Emergency.

Older Actions

Attend (remotely or in person) this meeting of the Consumer Liaison Group on Thursday June 8 from 12:30-3:30 PM.

ISO-NE (Our electric grid operator) is required to engage with the public quarterly via the Consumer Liaison Group (CLG). Meetings are open to the public and usually include panel discussions, presentations from ISO, and remarks from guest speakers on topics related to the region’s energy grid. Despite its liaison role, CLG has not been a particularly welcoming space for the average energy consumer – beginning with the fact that most people do not know it exists. The No Coal No Gas campaign is changing the way the CLG meeting AND making space within the CLG for frontline communities and residential ratepayers to have a say in regional energy planning and decisions.

The next meeting of the ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group is right around the corner on Thursday, June 8th in Peabody, Massachusetts from noon to 3:30pm.

This meeting is evidence of the progress we are making to shift business-as-usual. Instead of gathering in a fancy hotel, we are meeting in a local community center in a frontline community that has been deeply impacted by the status quo, and All are Welcome. ISO-NE doesn't think that people will come to Peabody for a meeting, but together we will show them that environmental justice matters to people across the region! We’re showing what’s possible and building the world we want to live in.

This is both an in-person and virtual meeting, and if you want to participate in either format, you need to register with ISO-NE

How to register

Step 1: If you have never attended a meeting hosted by ISO-NE, you will be asked to make an account at https://isone.csod.com/SelfReg/register.aspx?p=isone&c=external. You'll need to use this account when you register for this and future meetings.

To register for in-person attendance (for June 8th, noon-3:30pm, lunch provided): https://www.iso-ne.com/event-details?eventId=152050

To register  for virtual attendance (June 8th 12:30-3:30pm; begins 30 min later than in-person because they can't serve us lunch online!): https://www.iso-ne.com/event-details?eventId=152051

Finally, please also complete this form (hosted by Breathe Clean North Shore) where you can tell us about accessibility needs and dietary restrictions. You'll also find a link here to our rideshare spreadsheet: https://forms.gle/w3WbKgq18TcUx8vg8. Completing this form will ensure you get updates and communications about logistics from organizers working to change the way ISO-NE does business!

We will target legislators who have influence over the bills that impact our communities' energy sources, our utility bills, and our need to cut carbon emissions. Together we will speak about the climate and energy issues that matter most to us, and urge our elected officials to take bold action for a future in which we can all thrive. No experience needed! Sign up to join us:

May 4th, 11:00am: Last Writing Party before FERC Comments are Due (Virtual)

Join 350NH to push for an end to fossil fuel subsidies by writing a comment to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission! Join this writing party if you need support writing or submitting your comment. RSVP here

Powerless in the United States a Report from the Center for Biological Diversity (Selah Goodson Bell and Jean Su), Energy and Policy Institute (Matt Kasper and Shelby Green) and  BailoutWatch (Christopher Kuveke).

Defend SB267 to control Advanced"toxic" Recycling: Feb 7th, 2023 Hearing

(Click the down-pointing arrow on the right for directions)

Bill SB267 can protect NH from excess toxics from a new industry, Advanced Recycling of plastic. 

We need people to

1. Register their support for SB267 - it takes only 1 minute!


2. Testify

You do not have to be an expert; you just need to know we need the DES to write special protections for us from any industry that heats plastic waste and is allowed to burn some too! 

See PowerPoint Slides Below.

The bill, SB267, will be heard Tuesday Feb 7 at 9:15 in State House room 103.

Here are tips and hints for testimony.  You may also attend the hearing and sign in support of the bill without giving testimony.

(DES=Department of Environmental Services)

3. Email committee

emailing the 5 members of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee

Here is background on advanced recycling that will help you draft your email or remarks; we encourage you to put it in our own voice.  


Contact Cynthia Walter - cawalter22@gmail.com  or call anytime  412-610-4327

Roger Stephenson UCS -  questions rstephenson@ucsusa.org  603 770 9484

AR-Walter Jan30 air-water pollution .pptx

Ask Your State Representatives to Vote in Favor of HB208

March 14-15, 2023

Send a quick email your town's State Representatives (find them and their contact info here) and ask them to support this important bill in the House vote on Thursday, March 16:

There was overwhelming public support for this bill in online and committee hearing testimony:

Support: 186  |  Oppose: 12  |  Neutral: 0

Federal funding for creating or updating state Climate Action Plans is available for a limited time, and having an up-to-date plan will ensure New Hampshire is eligible for billions of dollars of competitive grant funding from the Inflation Reduction Act for reducing carbon emissions over the next several years.  Read more about that on the EPA information page about Climate Pollution Reduction Grants.

For more ideas about what to say, look at some of the excellent written public testimony that was submitted for this bill.

Then call your State Reps several days after you send the emails to be sure they see them.  Just tell them (or leave a brief message) that you are concerned about climate disruption from fossil fuel pollution and that you've sent an email about HB208 and would appreciate their consideration and support.

From Clean Energy NH - Hearing on Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Senate Bill 52, a proposal to jump start investment in electric vehicle infrastructure in New Hampshire is scheduled for a hearing before the Transportation Committee next week. You can find the text of SB52 here.

Call or email your representatives to let them know you support this critical step to keep our state competitive as EV adoption accelerates here in New England and nationwide.

You can find your Senator and their contact information here and your House member(s) here

ACTION REQUESTED— Some Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funds will only come to NH if our state government plans for it and requests it. 

NH has allowed such funding opportunities to pass us by!  Please write and or call requesting that NH aggressively pursue all available funding programs contained within the IRA to reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, and transition to clean energy solutions.

Please write and/or call:

1) Request that NH aggressively pursue all available funding programs contained within the IRA.

2) Maximize the use of available federal funds, for programs to reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, and transition to clean energy solutions. 

Read about Massachusetts' level of ambition and success in moving toward heat pumps:

Strong incentives — realistic assessment of grid challenges — not allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the very good — emphasis on Efficiency First — making sure building codes keep up — transactive energy distribution.

The Great Massachusetts Transition to Heat Pumps: Success is likely– but can the electric grid handle it?

Published on October 24, 2022. You may need a LinkIn account to view.

A good story and outlook for Massachusetts and a good example for NH to follow — at least Massachusetts is thinking about and acting on these issues!  NH is far behind the other NE states in promoting electric based heat pumps.

ACTION: Contact your elected officials and ask them to head in the direction described in the article.

Tell Our NH Leaders to pursue IRA Funds

YOUR ACTION NEEDED: We learned from Don Kreis, Consumer Advocate, that some Infrastructure Reduction Act (IRA) funds will only come to NH and be put to work if our state government plans for it and requests it. In the past, NH has allowed such funding opportunities to pass us by!  Please write and or call



requesting that NH aggressively pursue all available funding programs contained within the IRA and not let the conservative ideology get in the way of maximizing use of federal funds available for programs to reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, and transition to clean energy solutions.

Plastics are a danger to human health, the environment and the future of the planet. Despite this, Big Oil is creating way more plastic than we need. It’s on a mission to build even more dirty infrastructure and continue flooding the market with plastics. 

We can stop Big Oil’s plastic-palooza by starting with ending the use of single-use plastics purchased by the federal government.

The General Services Administration (GSA) oversees federal government purchasing and is currently taking public comment on this issue. These comments will be reviewed and used to inform a future rule that could establish requirements and reporting mechanisms to reduce single use-plastic. We have just a few weeks to make our voices heard. 

Submit your comment urging the federal government to reduce its use of single-use plastics!

Submitting your comment to the General Services Administration only takes a few minutes. 

Need a starting point for drafting your comment? Copy and paste this suggested text into the comment box:

Plastics are a danger to human health and climate. Single-use plastics – including water bottles, shipping materials, packaging and utensils – make up most plastic waste. They end up in landfills, incinerators and our waterways. Like all plastics, they break down into microplastics, where they move much more easily and stealthily – ending up in our food and eventually our bodies. In order to set a strong precedent for tackling the plastics problem, I urge the federal government to eliminate purchasing single-use plastics.


Thanks for taking action,

Jim Walsh

Policy Director

Food & Water Action

From 350NH - Tell JLCAR: Approve Community Power Rules!

The public utilities commission finally approved new community power rules that would allow cities and towns to save money and prioritize renewable energy. Now, the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules needs to approve these rules.


These community power rules are vital to the expansion of local renewable energy sources. The rules will lower our energy costs and allow communities across the state to opt for clean, renewable energy sources. 


The Committee meets on August 18th in Concord to discuss this ruling. Can you send written testimony to the committee before they meet?


Here's what we need you to do:


1. Write a short letter addressed to the "Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules." You can include any of these important points:

2. Sign the letter with your full name and what town/city you live in


3. Email your letter to the Committee Chair, Representative William Hatch, at William.hatch@leg.state.nh.us 


Towns and cities across NH have already voted in support of community power programs. Once these new rules are in place, those cities and towns can finally move forward - purchasing their own energy and opting for more renewable energy sources. 


If you have any questions, let me know! Thank you for supporting community power in NH.





Climate Justice Organizer

From Save Forest Lake: Sign Petition to Override HB1454

We could really use your help. Could you please sign and SHARE w/fellow members, supporters, friends, & family our petition, linked below, which will be sent to NH House and Senate members, urging them to overturn the veto of HB1454? We'd also love it if you could JOIN US for our "Rally at the Capitol" in Concord on September 8, veto override day! 

"We, the undersigned residents of New Hampshire, ask that you, our legislators, vote to overturn Governor Sununu's veto of HB1454 to ensure that our state protects our precious waters—for safe drinking and recreation, for public and environmental health." 

HB1454 Petition: https://bit.ly/HB1454Petition


"Override The Veto Of HB1454 Rally At The Capitol" Thursday September 8 2022 Video: 


Write to the Chairman of the PUC Regarding Electric Vehicles

Now, the PUC seems to have some grave misunderstandings about EVs. When writing, please focus mostly on economic issues and less if at all on the climate crisis in this effort.


The latest problem is the reaction to Eversource’s EV make ready and demand charges proposal, which is reasonable and will help our and others putting in the VW $ chargers.

PLEASE send comments to counter the chairman’s recent statement which could undermine the already inadequate EV charging progress in NH.

The content of the correspondence needs to address the chairman’s concern that the cost of the make ready funding and demand charge alternative is shifting costs to low income and retired residents in rural locations such as Coos County – in his words “retired people will never drive an EV” (to subsidize affluent Tesla drivers in the populous parts of the state). Please note that Eversource’s analysis estimates the cost per account is at most 15 cents / month. That does not account for the extra 5000+KWH/year a single EV driver incrementally adds to consumption and thus spreads the cost over more energy sales that would otherwise be spent on gasoline…


Please address some of these talking points:



Here is the link to the actual settlement agreement that the PUC is adjudicating on.




Here is the entire docket


New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (nh.gov)


Here is an example of how to address and format a letter to the Chairman (there are many more examples in the docket link)




The sooner that public comments can be submitted the better – I would say before 7/20 to have a chance of being considered.


Please email it to  ClerksOffice@puc.nh.gov  the subject line: Docket 21-078: Public comment




With wishes for sunshine, success and good health,

John Kondos


PS In my letter I’ll share that I know two retired folks of low & moderate income from two nearby small towns that each own a used Nissan Leaf as their only vehicle. They are very happy to own such affordable vehicles that are very economical to own.

Support the PFAS Action Act with Added Amendment to Ban PFAS in Food Packaging

Currently there is a comprehensive national PFAS bill called the PFAS Action Act (HR 2467), which just added a strong amendment to ban PFAS in food packaging. HR 2467 is headed to the Senate for a vote. As expected, the chemical industry is pushing back on this specific amendment and is actively lobbying against it. 

Please sign Community Action Works's petition to urge your senator to vote yes. At a time when many of the NH communities that Community Action Works supports are fighting local PFAS contamination—this is one way we can help strengthen their efforts.

Please give Congresswoman Kuster a call! Call Annie Kuster’s office:  202-225-5206

Rep. Kuster is not on the Subcommittee, but on the Full Committee and could vote on this legislation eventually, or make a public statement.

We are calling on our allies to call subcommittee members today and tomorrow to explain why they must eliminate incineration from the CLEAN Future Act. This is an unexpected opportunity to push back against false solutions at a high level and we need all hands on deck.


A full list of committee members is here. Below is a sample call script. Please forward this call to action to your networks!


Hello, my name is _____. I’m calling to ask Representative _____ to remove waste incineration in the CLEAN Future Act. The inclusion of WTE as “clean electricity” undermines the very positive environmental justice protections in the bill and will set the country back from its goals of addressing the climate crisis. Waste to energy (WTE) facilities are actually the dirtiest source of energy production on the grid today, emitting almost twice as much carbon dioxide as coal, oil and gas. 79% of WTE facilities are located in environmental justice communities, adding to the burden of air pollution from particulate matter, dioxins, lead, mercury, and other toxins that threaten their health and well-being. Please don’t jeopardize a clean future for the country by propping up dirty energy!

Hearing July 30th in the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change at 11:30 am, on a package of bills related to waste and recycling, including the elusive BREAK FREE FROM PLASTIC POLLUTION ACT that we have been working on for a few years now.  It contains Extended Producer Responsibility provisions, and takes up the issues of environmental justice and a national bottle bill.

More Info

Here’s the link to the briefing memo from the full committee to the subcommittee with the rundown on all the bills. https://energycommerce.house.gov/sites/democrats.energycommerce.house.gov/files/documents/Briefing%20Memo_ECC_2022.06.30_0.pdf

Here’s the link to the livestream of the subcommittee hearing tomorrow:  https://energycommerce.house.gov/committee-activity/hearings/hearing-on-no-time-to-waste-solutions-for-america-s-broken-recycling

Millions of families are grappling with energy insecurity as the climate crisis gets worse and energy prices go up. We must expand our clean, renewable energy sources rapidly in order to combat these crises and transition off of harmful fossil fuels.

President Biden recently invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA) to ramp up domestic solar manufacturing. Now he needs Congress to have his back and pass the Energy Security and Independence Act to provide $100 billion of critical investment in the U.S.'s renewable energy supply chain and in programs to lower utility bills.

Our utility bills are getting more expensive while Exxon Mobil and other Big Oil companies are making RECORD profits. We cannot afford to rely on fossil fuels any longer - we need a just transition to renewable energy now.

Thank you for your support.


Rebecca (She/her/hers), Communications Director, 350NH

Call Governor Sununu and ask him to sign HB1454!

The House and Senate have passed HB1454, relative to the siting of landfills, with amendments! 

What's next?  We still need Governor Sununu to do the right thing and sign HB1454. Call him at 603-271-7676, especially now that there are no pending permit applications, thus there are no "moving the goalposts" on a pending, existing project.  It's dead, for now anyway.  - from Jon Swan

Plastics Working Group Action of the Month: Plant Pot Recycling!

Date: Saturday, June 25  | Time: 10am-3pm  

Location: Gardener’s Supply Garden Centers - Burlington & Williston, VT, Lebanon, NH & Hadley, MA

Details: Stop by Gardener’s Supply to recycle your plastic pots! All containers & plastic pots of any size (1gal, 2, gal, etc.) with the designation/symbol #2 and #5 plastics can be recycled.

 Pots must be separated into groups: #2 plastics in one group and #5 plastics in another. ALL POTS MUST be empty with no tags or trash.

Put A Resolution to Take Climate Action on your town's next warrant

The Carbon Cash-Back Coalition's (C3) citizens' petition warrant article has been voted on by 45 New Hampshire towns and 75% of them passed the resolution.  3 New Hampshire cities' Councils have passed similar resolutionsPutting the resolution on your town's 2023 warrant will help get climate change solutions in the local news, share the experts' recommended best first step with others, and give your town's voters a chance to send their state and federal legislators (and Governor and President) a clear directive to pass effective and equitable climate legislation.

Find more details and sign up to be the C3 Town Champion for your town at carboncashback.org.

From 350 NH: Time to Write to FERC again!

Write your comment for FERC today: reject ISO-NE's fossil fuel funding. 

Not sure what to write? Join us Thursday, April 28th between 5:30pm-7:00pm for a collaborative comment writing session.

From Rebecca, 350NH Communications Director: You may have heard that Merrimack Station in Bow was funded by our energy grid operators (ISO-NE) to run through 2026. But those handouts are not a done deal because the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) must now approve the decision. This is our chance, during the public comment period, to intervene. Here’s a toolkit to help you submit your own comment!

Ask your Senator to Support HB1454!

HB1454 — the bill that requires potential landfill sites to meet a minimum groundwater time of travel (minimum of 5 years) to protect adjacent surface waters — has passed the House.  The Senate "special ordered" the bill to be heard on the floor of the Senate on May 5th.   Please contact your Senator and ask that they support this bill on the floor of the Senate. 

Join the No Coal No Gas community to demand that FERC reject the latest Forward Capacity Auction results!

This detailed Forward Capacity Auction public comment toolkit includes sample comments and talking points to support you to craft your own comment, as well as step-by-step instructions for submitting your comment. You can also register here to join us a collaborative comment writing, submission, and outreach party.

More details: https://www.nocoalnogas.org/ferc-comment


Oppose HR17 

(Click the down-pointing arrow on the right for directions)

Experts say a border-adjusted, cash-back carbon fee on fossil fuel production at the federal level is the most powerful, cost-effective, beneficial, equitable, and far-reaching solution to reduce carbon emissions, and it attracts bipartisan support.  Citizens across the state and across the country are working to create political will to enable Congress to pass this legislation.  We are making progress, but the HR17 resolution in the Concord State House is an attempt to take carbon pricing off the table.

Here is a quick and easy action you can take right now to both help create political will for federal Carbon Cash-Back legislation and to help defeat HR17:

1) Please call your town's State Representatives and ask them to oppose HR17.  Their contact information is easy to find:  select your town from the "Select a Town" menu at gencourt.state.nh.us/house/members/ then click on each Representative's name on the resulting town page.

2) What to say?  Tell them your name and town, and ask them to oppose HR17 when they vote on it this month.  Remind them it's a state resolution against a carbon tax on fuels for electricity and transportation (for the full text click on "Introduced" here).  Tell them there are several reasons to reject this resolution:

    2.1) We have a serious pollution problem and can not afford to take any policy options off the table, especially the experts' overwhelmingly recommended approach (carboncashback.org/carbon-cash-back).

    2.2) Public input was overwhelming opposed to the HR17 resolution at the committee hearing:  149 to 4.

    2.3) The HR17 resolution ignores the most likely way Congress would implement carbon pricing - as part of a three-part solution (Carbon Fee and Dividend with Border Carbon Adjustments).  Offer to share the attached elevator pitch (laser talk) with them.  The other two parts of the policy address all the concerns listed in HR17:  the cash-back dividend protects family budgets (citizensclimatelobby.org/household-impact-study), and Border Carbon Adjustments (BCAs) protect US business competitiveness and are the only way we can hold other countries accountable for their climate pollution.  WTO GATT rules dictate that we can only implement BCAs in combination with an explicit carbon price.  The federal Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act bill does all this, and is the most well-supported carbon pricing bill ever in Congress.  The New Hampshire legislature should be helping Congress do it, not impeding its progress!

    2.4) Of the 44 New Hampshire towns that voted in annual town meetings about whether to ask Congress to pass Carbon Fee and Dividend with Border Carbon Adjustment legislation, 33 of them (75%) voted to do so, some by 97% of everyone who voted.  Check to see if your town voted yes in the list near the bottom of carboncashback.org, and mention the fact if it is.

3) While you have them on the phone about carbon pricing, here are two more potential directions to take the discussion:

    3.1) If they have doubts that greenhouse gas pollution from fossil fuels or climate change is a problem for New Hampshire that requires policy changes, or if they seem like they might be interested in the science for any reason at all, please invite them to the New Hampshire Network's "New Climate Normals" event on March 14th to hear from two of the state's leading climate scientists and co-authors of the soon-to-be-released 2022 New Hampshire Climate Assessment.  You and your friends are of course invited also!  Register from here or the banner at the top of newhampshirenetwork.org, and share either page or the attached flyer.

    3.2) If they are strongly against HR17, please ask them to consider endorsing the federal Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act to help create political will to enable Congress to do it.  This bill implements the Carbon Fee and Dividend with Border Carbon Adjustments policy.  Prominent Individuals (such as State Reps) can do this from the "Endorse the Bill" button at the top of the bill website:  energyinnovationact.org.

4) If they don't pick up, just leave a message with the highlights.  Then please try calling a few more times (without leaving a message) over the next few days, in the hopes of reaching them.  A one-on-one discussion is more impactful than a message, but every bit helps!  If you aren't able to keep calling, perhaps just follow up with a brief email and include the invitation and the Concord Monitor op-ed about HR17 attached below.

Thank you so much for making these calls if you choose to do so, and for all you do!

Best Regards,

John Gage

Citizens' Climate Lobby state coordinator (volunteer)

Help your library set up a Climate Display for April

Help your town learn more about climate change!  Ask your library if they would consider using the month around Earth Day to provide a book display about climate science and solutions.  Share bit.ly/library-climate-display with your library's events coordinator.  If they would like to collaborate in a zoom presentation we can provide a speaker for the event.

Support HB1111 and HB1652 Related to the Plastics Crisis

We are in the midst of a plastics crisis that is growing exponentially. Two important bills to address this crisis will be heard in the NH House. We provide below detailed information to help you take action now.

HB1111 (commission to study Extended Producer Responsibility) and HB1652 (beverage container deposit), which we support, will be heard by the Environment and Agriculture Committee on Tuesday, January 18th. HB1111 will be heard at 9 am and HB1652 at 2:30 pm in the Legislative Office Building, Rm 301-303, Concord.

Here is a brief overview of each bill with a link to the full text.

HB 1111 “To Establish a Commission to Study Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)” would begin the movement toward the state’s highest priority in waste management: reducing it at the source. EPR shifts primary responsibility for the burden of waste away from consumers and municipalities and makes it a shared responsibility with producers of materials such as plastic that ends up as waste. Legislation can require producers and distributors to pay their fair share to local governments to cover the cost of recycling packages and products and dealing with waste from nonrecyclable products. Fees may be based on the amount, level of toxicity, and recycling or disposal difficulty of the product with funds being used to reimburse municipalities for recycling and waste management costs, incentivizing manufacturers to produce less waste in the first place. We support this bill.

HB 1652 "Relative to the Recycling of Beverage Containers" establishes a beverage container deposit program and directs the proceeds to the general fund and to the state recycling fund. Consumers would pay a 10 cent deposit to the retailer which would be refunded upon return of the container. A “bottle bill” will help reduce roadside litter, keep recyclable material out of landfills, provide cleaner material for bottlers, reduce municipality exposure to market fluctuations for recyclables, create new business opportunities, and increase state recycling rates. NH to date has declined to join most other Northeast states in placing a redemption fee on beverage containers ( see ME, MA, VT, CT, NY). We support this bill.


There are several ways that you can make your voice heard on these bills.

      You can attend in person, sign in and support or oppose a bill, and if you choose, present testimony if you are comfortable being in a meeting where masks are optional and with people who have not necessarily been vaccinated. Some House members reported being infected with Covid last week.

      You can email members of the House Environment and Agriculture Committee. Send an email expressing your position to all members of the committee using this address: HouseEnvironmentandAgricultureCommittee@leg.state.nh.us. If you choose this option, consider sending a copy of your email to Sponsors and Cosponsors of the bills.

      You can call members of the Environment and Agriculture Committee to ask them to vote for these bills. It is acceptable to call their home numbers. to find their number, go to this page and click on the committee members name to get full information.

      You can voice your position on the bill by going to the House Remote Sign In page. It takes approximately 3 minutes to do this. We are providing step-by-step instructions should you need them. Go to the page here.                   

1.     Select date of hearing (Jan. 18) on calendar at top of page.

2.     Select Committee from dropdown menu.

3.     Select the bill from the dropdown menu.

4.     Select Member of the Public from the dropdown menu.

5.     Click on I Support This Bill or I Oppose This Bill (then Continue).

6.     Add personal Information (then Continue).

7.     On the Final Review Page, be sure to check the box that says that the information you are providing is truthful (then Continue).

8.     Note that at the bottom of the page, you can click on Sign Up Again to go back to the beginning of this process and weigh in on another bill.

We encourage each of you to at least go to the Remote Sign-In Page and voice your support for HB1111 and HB 1652. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Kristine Baber: kmbaber@gmail.com; Bonnie Christie: bchristie1953@gmail.com

Email Congress to Demand Powerful Climate Legislation Right Now

Send a quick email to help give Congress the courage they need to include cash-back carbon pricing in the reconciliation package from cclusa.org/write.

A strong carbon price as proposed in the Carbon Fee and Dividend policy and found in the Energy innovation Act will reduce US GHG emissions by 40% in twelve years.  When combined with complementary policies it will enable Biden to achieve his goal of reducing emissions by 50% by 2030 and put us on track to be net-zero by 2050 (carboncashback.org/benefits).

Why is carbon pricing so important, and cash-back carbon pricing such a good way to do it?  Here's a 3-minute video of Prime Minister Trudeau talking about how it's working in Canada right now:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/3fF4XK2X3KA?&start=1378&end=1552&autoplay=1

ACTION: Write to Your Bank

Many of our large banks make loans to coal, gas, and oil companies. Since the Paris climate accords, banks have loaned more than three trillion dollars to fossil fuel companies, while scientists tell us it's past time to stop fossil fuel expansion.

Th!rd Act's Bug the Banks campaign provides background and provides templates and guidelines for you to let your bank know you are not happy with their loans to companies that are expanding the fossil fuel industry.


Contact newhampshirenetwork@gmail.com to get more information or to join us.