NH Bill Actions

1. NH Bills of Interest This Week

For a full-page view of the spreadsheet list,  hover over the spreadsheet and click the small grey box with the arrow at the top right.

NH Bills of Interest

2. How to Submit Your Position on a Bill Online


Pick a bill from the "NH Bills of Interest" table above.  Information you'll need about the bill (committee name, hearing date, bill number) is provided there.  Then browse to the appropriate Online Testimony Submission page:



3How to Testify on a Bill in Person at a Committee Hearing

Sample Testimony - NH Network Members - January 18, 2022

Bonnie Christie spoke about Extended Producer Responsibility and her part starts at about 26:15.  Rep. Parshall Spoke first and then Lee Oxenham, also a bill sponsor, spoke just before her. 

Currently, testimony can only be done in person.  There are ongoing efforts to re-instate the option of online testimony.


Senate: https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/senate/committees/senate_committees.aspx

4.  How to Email Written Testimony on a Bill to Committee Members

In addition to submitting written input online (Step 2 above), you can email the Committee members.  You can find the members of a committee listed with contact information either 


Click on the committee name of interest to get to the committee page, then click on "Email All Committee Members" on that page.


From there, click on "Email Entire Committee" for the committee of interest.

Put "Testimony", the Bill Number, a few words about it, and 'oppose' or 'support' in the Subject.  Be respectful, courteous, and concise in your message for the best results.

5General Court Resources

Check to see if your Representatives are showing up to vote and how they voted on roll call votes on the House or Senate floor, find bill details, and access hearing and floor vote schedules:

6. Prior NH Bills of Interest: 2022 and 2023

To see the entire tables or to download  copies, click in the upper right corner of the spreadsheet.

More than 75 Bills Followed In the 2023 Session! Thanks to all who have had their voices he

Summary of NH Bills of Interest
NH Bills of Interest - 2023


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