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Recording: August 9, 2022 Legislation Working Group Meeting 

Note: Meeting begins at about 5:00 minutes into the recording.

Nov. 4, 2021 by N. William Delker in the New Hampshire Bulletin

NH Legislation 101: From Kent Street Coalition's training on everything your need to know about NH legislation.

NH Legislature

The NH Legislature's website is gencourt.state.nh.us/default.aspx.

Committee membership, hearing calendars, and legislator contact information is available from there.

Current Bills

The bills the NH Network follows closely are in a spreadsheet under the NH Bill Actions tab in the main menu above..

The NH House Science, Technology, and Energy Committee and NH Senate Environment and Energy Committee often hold hearings in which public input is accepted.  

Clean Energy NH provides section on policy issues and their newsletter provides updates on hearing dates and times.

The NH Legislature publishes a weekly calendar of upcoming hearings.

Office of the Consumer Advocate


Residential Ratepayer Advisory Board

NH Network-Legislative Work Group — Invitation to Join 


August 29, 2021

Network Members

We are extending an open invitation to you to join the Network Legislative Work Group. After a summer of learning about member’s needs, developing formative documents including our recent governance proposal and preparing for our September 18th Summit, we are now taking steps to reactivate the Legislative Work Group for the coming legislative session. This Work Group along with others in New Hampshire were effective in shaping some but not all of the legislation coming out of the NH House Science, Technology and Energy Committee and similar committees in the NH Senate during the last legislative session. We hope to continue this effort for this coming legislative session.

We face a number of challenges this year, some new and some old. These challenges include no virtual access to committee hearings and a continuing GOP majority in the House, Senate, Executive Council and the Governor’s office. As we begin this new legislative session, we continue to support legislation that protects the environment, energy and climate and to defeat legislation designed to reduce protection of our NH environment and clean energy programs. In addition, we should also seek to ensure no NH state regulations and policies are promulgated that will result in degradation of these same programs. All of these efforts should be supported by thoughtful and hard-hitting Op-ed and Opinion pieces in the NH media.

Several members have expressed interest in joining this Work Group. We also encourage additional Network members interested in joining this Work Group and in shaping legislative and regulatory strategy to kindly respond to one of the members listed below. Meeting details to follow.

Thank you,

Donna Reardon 

Susan Richman 

Bruce Berk 

Joe Kwasnik 

Testify as a member of the public in a hearing - you get 2-3 minutes to have your say.


Contact newhampshirenetwork@gmail.com to get more information or to join us.