The Environmental Voter Project identifies inactive environmentalists in key states, NH included, and transforms them into consistent voters to build the power of the environmental movement.

Step 1: Visit the EVP home page.

EVP estimates that over 8 million environmentalists did not vote in the 2020 presidential election and over 12 million skipped the 2018 midterms. 

EVP is a nonpartisan nonprofit that accurately identifies these non-voting environmentalists and "converts them into a critical mass of consistent voters that will soon be too big for politicians to ignore."

Step 2: Learn about the EVP 

2022 Primary Results

The Environmental Voter Project had a statistically significant impact in the 2022 New Hampshire primary, increasing turnout of environmental voters by almost 2%. 

NH has been an EVP state since 2019 and now there are 9,148 EVP super voters in NH.

Step 3: Participate EVP Actions including those in the New Hampshire

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EVP's goal is not to win one-off elections, but rather to change the underlying electorate by 

(a) identifying states with large populations of non-voting environmentalists,

(b) investing in detailed voter research, and then 

(c) using every election as a behavioral intervention opportunity to grow the power of that state’s environmental movement.


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