Energy Working Group

Bringing together members of NH's Energy Committees and others interested in energy to share resources and expertise, and to shape legislative and regulatory strategy related to energy issues in NH. 

Next Municipal Energy Committees Subgroup Meeting: TBA

Next Policy/Legislation Subgroup Meeting: Friday May 17, 2024

All are invited.

If you have questions about specific bills this week or coming up, email Chris ahead of time,

Topic: Updates from Chris Skogland, CENH

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Next Meeting of Whole Group: TBA

WEBINAR: Funding sources for municipalities, individuals, businesses, nonprofits 

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For the current 2024 Legislative Session go to the NH Bill Actions page 

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Where does your power come from? We answered your questions about the N.H. energy system.

New Hampshire Public Radio | By Mara Hoplamazian, Daniela Allee Published November 23, 2021 at 6:00 AM EST


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