Climate Working Group

Next meeting: Monday, February 6th at 7:00 PM

Some of the Chat from the November 2nd Climate Working Group Meeting

  • From John Gage: Topics to discuss with our legislators

1. Do you accept the scientific consensus that human-caused climate change is an urgent threat?

2. Do you accept the expert consensus of climate scientists and economists that effective government action to reduce climate pollution much faster than the current rate is critical for the safety of our economy, health, and life on Earth?

3. Are you committed to work with members of both parties and Independents on legislative solutions to address the issue?

4. Did you know the most well-supported solution by economists from across the political spectrum - a border-adjusted, cash-back carbon fee on fossil fuel production - is the most cost-effective and equitable policy approach?

  • From Phil Browne to Everyone: Blend as many of the organizations that are involved in issues related to human and biosphere survival as possible with a common goal of creating a lobbying group of NH college students who will get college credit for their efforts as well as as a stipend/salary for their time. We can then use our common knowledge to train them to address our multi-group common goals. They will then reach out to: Town Meetings, Conservation commissions, School Boards, K-12 Faculty Meetings, Rotary and other clubs, NH Science Teachers, Promote “Survival Days” at colleges and universities in order to get students involved “Act Out” to get their message picked up by media ( like protestors in Iran). This will then filter down to High School students and through them their families to get the message out.