Climate Working Group

Climate Working Group Meeting the First Wednesday of the Month. Next meeting:  

June 7th at 5:00 PM

Agenda for June 7th

Please also see below for an action for everyone to take whether you can attend the meeting or not.  We'll start off our meeting with a discussion about the big climate picture:

Let's talk about the different aspects of the problem, why New Hampshire continues to play a pivotal role in the whole global mess, and how we can help turn things around.

Matt wrote this excellent op-ed to help the public become more aware of the forces that are stymying decarbonization of the New Hampshire economy:  How to move beyond climate disinformation in the N.H. State House.  How can we amplify this message?

We'll then take some climate actions to help prepare Congress for CCL's in-person lobbying on Capitol Hill on June 13th. Four people from NH will join 900 others from around the country to lobby hundreds of Congressional offices for bipartisan clean energy permitting reform and introduction of the federal Carbon Cash-Back bill in the new session of Congress.

The more emails and calls from constituents that precede those June 13th lobby meetings, and the more constituent postcards we deliver in person, the more attention Congress will give us. If you can't make our meeting tomorrow, please help prepare Congress for our lobby meetings by doing one or more of the following:

All these messages will amplify our impact when we meet Congress on June 13th.

Thank you for all you do.  I hope you can make it Wednesday at 5:00 pm!

Best Regards,

John Gage

NH Network Climate Working Group co-leader

CCL NH state coordinator

Windham, NH

Some of the Chat from the November 2nd Climate Working Group Meeting

1. Do you accept the scientific consensus that human-caused climate change is an urgent threat? 

2. Do you accept the expert consensus of climate scientists and economists that effective government action to reduce climate pollution much faster than the current rate is critical for the safety of our economy, health, and life on Earth?

3. Are you committed to work with members of both parties and Independents on legislative solutions to address the issue?

4. Did you know the most well-supported solution by economists from across the political spectrum - a border-adjusted, cash-back carbon fee on fossil fuel production - is the most cost-effective and equitable policy approach?