Plastics Working Group

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A campaign to help individuals, organizations, and communities to rethink plastic. Visit for more information and to join us!

Next Meeting Information and Past Meeting Notes

There was discussion about the value of knowing each other better, and inviting Plastics Working Group members (and anyone in the larger network or another working group) to complete a slide in the Network slide deck with name, skill sets, networks, and photo. Here is the link to the slide deck which has a template to fill out if anyone is willing to.

Link to Network Slide Deck

Link to Plastics Working Group Slide Deck

Next meeting: Sunday, October 9th at 6:00 pm

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Past Meeting Notes - (Remember there are lots of other resources below. So have fun scrolling!)

Focus Statement

The broad focus of the Plastics Working Group is to address the intersectionality of climate change, human health, environmental justice, waste management, and pollution aspects of plastics and the petrochemical industry.

To this end, the Plastics Working Group supports local, state and federal initiatives to:

    • Reduce the production and use of unnecessary single-use plastic products and packaging

    • Increase producer responsibility for the full life-cycle of plastics and truth in advertising

    • Develop and implement local policy actions and state and federal legislation to reduce plastics and the impacts of the petrochemical industry

    • Develop partnerships with the business, education, and municipal sectors to implement alternatives to petroleum based plastics

    • Enhance recycling and safe disposal of plastics

    • Engage in public education to raise awareness of the environmental and human health risks of plastic, the availability of plastic alternatives, and the need for source reduction strategies, increased recycling, and related waste management strategies

The Plastics Working Group also supports efforts to pass the Break Free From Plastic Pollution federal legislation.

Recommended Viewing or Reading

(Note: The following resources are suggestions and not necessarily endorsed by the NH Network.)

  • Microplastics Madness (1:15) - comprehensive documentary produced by a class of NYC 5th graders working over 2 years with Cafeteria Culture - available free until midnight tonight. Call me soft, but I definitely teared up at the end - the students were instrumental in achieving the polystyrene foam ban in NYC.